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About Us....


          For those of our friends who remember Paul and his Covey oboes from his Baltimore and Atlanta days, the shop is now in Blairsville, GA, USA, in a beautiful mountainous region of north Georgia.  We're an easy 2 hour drive from Atlanta, where the air is fresh, the leaves are stunning in the Fall, and the traffic is people you know....

          In 2002 Paul became ill with MS and could not work directly on the oboes himself. He passed away on January 8th, 2008.  Ginger Ramsay continues to carry on his work.

          Covey & Ramsay is dedicated to making the most beautiful oboe possible. In our shop, we handcraft our own Covey Oboe, a fine professional-quality instrument known for its excellence in workmanship, tone, and tuning. 


          We also carry a full inventory of quality oboe-related accessories. Our selection is based on products either that we as professional oboists use ourselves, or that fellow professional oboists have recommended highly.   


          Since our focus is on making oboes and supporting clients who have bought Covey oboes, we have limited time for general oboe repair and maintenance.  If you have a repair and/or maintenance issue, please call for availability of time.


           We appreciate your business.  Thanks for visiting! 




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