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New Covey Instruments

Covey Oboes

Our Covey oboes are known for their rich sound, impeccable tuning, and highest standards of workmanship.  Covey oboes are personally hand-crafted of grenadilla, rosewood, or violet wood. 

Please contact our dealer, Shawna Lake, of OboeChicago, 847-815-9644, to inquire about details or purchase.



 Covey Oboe 

Our most current model is a continuation of our line of our professional oboes started by Paul Covey in 1979, and continued most recently by Ginger Ramsay. It features the beautiful traditional sound of the Covey Oboe with all the advances in acoustics that our ongoing work has revealed, including new bore and bell designs. Each oboe has, of course, full conservatory double-thick silver-plated mechanism, including left F, 3rd octave key, F and bell resonances, and the ‘Philly’ high D facilitator. Both top and bottom joints have all tone-holes inserted to help protect against cracking and improve suction. 

 Plastic top joints are also now available, either as the top joint of your Covey Oboe or as an additional top joint for when conditions would place your wooden top joint at risk.  

You may choose a standard French-style case or one of our handmade solid wood cases. The wood cases may be walnut, cherry, mahogany, curly maple, or other woods as available. Our selection varies depending on what we have made.

Starting in late 2015, we will have oboes available which have a liner in the top joint, adding dimensional stability and longevity to the life of your Covey oboe.

For pricing of the Covey oboe with the various options, please contact OboeChicago.













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