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Instrument Maintenance Equipment

Almond Oil 2 oz. bottle $2.50
16 oz. bottle $7.50

Moisture Absorbing Paper Used to absorb lingering moisture from under pads $1.95

Cork Grease Feree's Unscented $1.50

Dampit Oboe or
English horn

Key Oil Nye clock oil, 1/4 oz. $3.50
  Nye clock oil, 1 oz. $7.95

Key Oiler Holds 1 oz., fill with your own oil, needle-like applicator $3.50

Octave Vent  Remover

Adjustable, Oboe and/or English Horn


Polishing Cloth, Goddards the best for polishing silver keys on an instrument, as the rouge does not flake off and cause problems in the mechanism or pads $6.50

Screws Adjustment Screw
Pivot Screw
(Specify Covey, Loreé, or Fox)

Screwdriver specify Starrett or Wiha, these are the correct size for oboe/EH adjustments $10.00

Swabs Oboe, silk, pull-through
Oboe, silk tie-dyed, pull-through
Loreé, cotton, NOT pull-through
English horn, silk, pull-through

Tenon Caps Covey, delrin, per set   $20.00
Loreé, grenadilla, per set   $20.00

Thumb Rests Dutch $89.00
  Fox, With neckstrap ring $18.00
  Fox, Adjustable $55.00
Loreé, Adjustable $95.00
  Thumb Saver $3.95

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